ILYA  Vineyards .... Located at the
Southern reaches of South Australia's  Adelaide Hills Wine Region - Meticulously managed vineyards, ancient ironstone soils, artisan wine created from a single vineyard.
"Our terroir in a bottle" 

Paul and Sharon Bushell acquired 66 hectares of magnificent Adelaide Hills country in 1997, and in 1999 the first vines were planted. ILYA Vineyards was the realization of a dream to produce outstanding cool climate wines from 100% estate grown grapes. Single vineyard hand crafted wines that showcase the unique terroir of the property.

Nestled on top of The Range at Kuitpo (Ki-po) South Australia, the vineyards are at the southern end of the Adelaide Hills Wine Region. Climate is distinctly cooler and wetter than most wine regions with four distinct seasons, each season heralding its own beauty and character. Winter dominant rain with cold temperatures, rain tapering off and temperature increasing with chilly mornings in Spring, warm to hot in Summer with cool evenings and the occasional "summer rain", and Autumn, ushering in milder days with cool to crisp mornings, ideal for slow, steady ripening. 

"Welcome to our world", enjoy browsing through this website.  ILYA wines can be purchased online through our secure e- commerce "shop" and we welcome any enquiries you may have.


Our wines are created in the vineyard and every activity carried out in the vineyard is done so with the aim of producing outstanding fruit that makes incredible wine.

All of the detail work is carried out by hand - hand pruning, shoot thinning, leaf plucking, bunch thinning and hand picking. The aim is to have each bunch of grapes occupying it's own space without coming into contact with near-by bunches in the canopy and to have just the right amount of dappled light shining on the fruit. Hand harvesting at optimal time ensures the fruit arrives at the winery in pristine condition, making the winemakers job "a piece of cake".

Practice of IPM (Integrated Pest Management) is the norm, where our vineyard management practices encourage beneficial insects to flourish in order to control harmful pests which might otherwise be controlled by chemicals.

Prevention of disease is critical and timely application of  preventative sprays is monitored closely to ensure effectiveness and to monitor the numbers of beneficial insects.

Whilst we are not certified organic, much of what we do is based on the organic principles.

ILYA Vineyards are also Freshcare Certified.

This means that careful environmental management plans are formulated and adhered to.  Environmental management performance is externally audited every 3 years.   

Varieties currently grown include Shiraz, 

Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon.




100% of our wine is derived from estate grown fruit. The aim is to produce pristine fruit from low yielding vines which allows the winemaker to showcase our produce in the very best way.

 All wines produced at ILYA are a true varietal expression from the unique terroir for that particular grape variety.

In the winemaking process the aim is to guide the wine through the fermentation and maturation processes with minimal intervention thus retaining as much of the unique character as possible. Every wine can be traced back to a parcel or parcels of fruit harvested from a specific area of the vineyard. 


Wines that have a demonstrated lineage, unique artisan wine from a single vineyard - every time you open a bottle of ILYA you can imagine the smells, sounds and flavors of  "our terroir".


Fruit is also grown for major third party wineries, some hand harvested some machine harvested, but all grown with the same attention to detail as our own fruit.

In addition to vines and wines, prime cross-bred lambs are also bred for local and export markets. Alternative breeds that shed their wool instead of shearing are currently being evaluated in order to improve efficiency by eliminating many activities associated with non shedding sheep.  The aim is to produce fast growing high yielding lambs that are pasture fed in the paddock. Happy, contented and flavoursome........"We love our lamb".